My Dream Bookish Panels

Do you know which my all-time bookish dream is? Assist to a bookish convention. Would it not be like the best experience of the world to have the opportunity to meet your favorite authors and listen what he/she has to say about your favorite books? I know it would be for me. I’ve missed so much while not attending to one and I’m going crazy about it, but actually, that also makes me more excited to write about which authors I would like to see. 

As if it ever happen and I have the opportunity to fangirl all over my favorite authors, there’s no shame whatsoever to imagine my dream bookish panel right here, right now. 

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Let’s start discussing my dream panels.

My dream bookish panels

YA Paranormal

Vampires, aliens, witches, magic... This authors writes about my favorite things into the paranormal world, and everytime I pick one of their books is a magical journey to wonderful characters, intrigued plots and plenty of emotions. Two of this authors have written three of my favorite series of all times, so you can imagine I'll love to meet them one day. 
  • Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Rachelle Hawkins
  • Richelle Mead

YA Mystery

This is my latest fascination at the moment, I’m currently reading a lot from this genre and loving almost everything as well, but there are three author that stand out for me the most. I want to meet these ones so badly and ask them so many questions about their stories. For me, it would be a dream come true to meet them because two of them have been my favorites from a very long time. 
  • Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  • Ally Carter
  • Kate Brian

Adult Paranormal

This is one of my favorite genres and it’s the one I’ve read the most. This bunch of authors is a combination with old ones and a relative new author I discovered few years ago, and it was all kind of by coincidence. These authors made me laugh so much with their books because they have a witty way to portray their characters and create the funniest plots, so I think it’s more like paranormal chick-lit; these are few of the authors I would recommend with closed eyes because I know that they will be amazing, even if I haven’t read the book I would be recommending yet.
  • Katie MacAlister
  • Kate Baray
  • Lyndsay Sands

Middle Grade Fantasy

One of these authors has change my life, other has opened my eyes to a new wonderful universe and the other has reminded me that childhood is a wonderful thing. This genre has been so delightful for me to read because it kind of transports me to when I was a child and makes fall in love for books all over again. These three authors are, for me, a must read of this genre.
  • J. K. Rowling
  • Rick Riordan
  • Jen Calonita

NA Contemporary Romance

When, I think about this genre I like to have the strong emotions, the well portrayed, complex, dimensional characters and a plot that is actually real. I believe that these authors do that. I’ve read the most amazing romantic books by them so far. They always manage to create the most stronger stories, and I always drop some tears and also many laughs but the greatest thing of all is that my heart is happy at the end of each of their books.
  • Krista & Becca Ritchie
  • Katherine Owen
  • Giovanna Fletcher

I know I gravitate more to women authors than men but to be very honest, when I find a book, I'm not looking for the writer until I finish it (or at least if is a new author for me), so that doesn't concers me much. Now, what I do look for is a great story which turns my world upside down in many ways and these authors do that everytime I open one of their books. 

So, let's talk, tell me your dream bookish panel. Have you ever been to any bookish convention? If so, how was your experinece there? Did you see/meet your favorite author? Have you been to any bookish panel? Tell me about it.



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